Short term rentals

  • Renting furniture is easy with our pre-made lists
  • More profitable then buying furniture
  • Contracts from 2 weeks
  • Flexible and professionnal service
  • Delivery under 48h
  • Disassembly and pick-up of the furniture
  • Maintenance services
  • More then a 1000 property already furnished

Get a quote

Use our tool to make a list of the furniture that you need and receive it at the desired date.

Short term

Furnish an interior for a short period of time, Myotaku delivers everything you need quickly. You can start renting furniture for a minimum of 2 weeks. This offer grants you access to a quote by list of furniture. Choose the objects you need for each room and then fill in your delivery information to get a quote or a direct contact with one of our consultants. Get your house furnished under a short period of time by our team always at your service.

Renting Solutions for

Short term
Long term


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