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Being a relocation agency is often a complicated task as your clients are demanding but Myotaku is there to help you. What happens if your customer ships his furniture abroad? He will have to go to the hotel until his container arrives. He won’t have access to his place of residence and will not have the chance to feel at home. He would prefer to be in the neighborhood he wants to ensure his new mission. He won't have to pay for an expensive hotel or pay expensive restaurant fees. If your real estate agent can’t find furnished property in the desired area, all he would need to do is find an unfurnished one and we will install the necessary furniture. Our short-term offer can be an ideal solution for your newcomer. An expatriate is not always aware of the exact date of his stay. If he wishes he could terminate the contract at any time. We will readjust the monthly payments over the predefined period, this will bring a flexible solution for your client. With our various offers Myotaku is there to support you. Renting furniture will be a real added value for you as well as for your customer.

For a minimum of 6 months, you can choose from a large selection of furniture in our online catalog. For your convenience, categories have been created for each of your rooms so you do not forget anything.

But if you don’t have time nor the desire to take care of your decoration, Myotaku’s style allows you to be guided by our experience. We plan everything and deliver a quote to be validated. The long-term offer can be realized in a very short time by our decorators and our logistics team always at your service.

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