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Myotaku can provide your tenant with a complete service with furniture, linens, electrical appliances and much more. We bring everything your customer needs to make him feel at home. Our short, long term, and Home staging offers include delivery, warranty, and installation. We will offer the rental service adapted according to the rental period. As an investor, renting furniture can allow you to amortize your expenses over several years. Depending on your budget you could pay a fixed rent each month for renting furniture. This will allow you to have a leasing threw the renting period with an option that allows you to become the owner of the furniture at the end of the contract.

A request from your client is often complex. The problem arises when you are asked for a precise location, a certain number of rooms, or a fairly precise living space. You will have the choice to find him an unfurnished apartment or house, and we will take care furnishing his place as he wants. Myotaku will be a real added value for you and your customers as you will be able to offer him the property and the furniture he wants.

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