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Renting furniture can be a lifesaver starting day 1 thanks to our turnkey service.

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In 2017, many expatriates made the choice to rent their furniture during their stay abroad. Why not you? You are coming for a month or even 5 years, our offer adapts to you and your mission. A large number of multinationals and companies have already trusted us as we represent for them an economical and advantageous alternative.

Renting furniture while waiting for your container to arrive from abroad is possible with Myotaku. Going to the hotel is often complicated and expensive. Instead you have the choice to be directly at home in 48h with everything you need. We make sure that you can sleep and live there. This will allow you to be immediately at ease to facilitate your arrival in Switzerland without stress.

Bringing your furniture from abroad is often more expensive and risky. By renting furniture, finding the right place becomes easy and a wider choice of unfurnished houses and apartments is offered to you.

The purchase of furniture and appliances is long and complicated. Going to several stores and making multiple visits to then assemble your furniture is a heavy task. When you have to leave, you will have to resell or get rid of them. What will happen if you have a problem with the furniture and need someone to repair it? Choosing the wrong sheet sizes or forgetting a kitchen utensil are things that happen often. With more than 300 objects on average per apartment, it can take a lot of time.

We offer long-term and short-term furniture rental services in line with your budget.

Myotaku is here for you. Be smart, rent your furniture!

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